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New Venues

We recently played two great new venues. Nissi's and Pindustry. Here's some crowd shot video.

Nissi's Debut

We were honored to be the first band (and sold out) at Nissi's grand opening!

New Album Cover

Travis posted a new journal. Get the lateset info and see our new album cover :)

Eighties Band TV

We We didn't have a TV show in the 80's. If we did, this would have been the intro. Our singer Travis made this :)

Summer Videos

Here's a few vids from our 2021 Summer Concerts.

New Pics

Just added a bunch of new pics.

Stage View

A video of our view from the stage Saturday night.

Summer Video

Here's a short video from our shows the last few weeks. Thank you everyone who attended!

New Pics

We just posted new pics from our recent shows.


This is what we would look like as cartoons (thanks Martha).

Fan Video

Awesome way to kick off the summer shows! Here's some recent fan video.

Mick Podcast

Our guitarist Mick was recently interviewed on the Good Witch / Bad Witch Podcast. You can check it out here.

Virtual Concert

We played a virtual concert. Here's a short clip.

Rooftop Concert

We did a rooftop concert this week. Video coming soon.

The "new"

We have redesigned our website. We hope you enjoy your visit :)

Concert Update

We have some upcoming public shows. Most have some sort of Covid restriction or limited capacity. As always, our most current schedule is here.

New Video

Travis covering the iconic 80's video "Cuts You Up" by Peter Murphy and trying to recreate his awesome video.

Take Hold of the Flame

Here's our singer covering a Queensryche song just for fun.

Live at Buffalo Rose

Here's a video from our last show before the virus shut everything down. We look forward to seeing you ASAP.

House Hunters Fan Favorite

The House Hunters episode featuring the band was chosen as a "Fan Favorite"! HGTV reaired it last night. You can watch it here. Thank you HGTV for exposing the band to literally millions of your viewers!

Buffalo Rose Sold Out

Our show 2/28/20 at Buffalo Rose is sold out! That is almost 700 tickets. Thank you!

Mission Ballroom

Soundcheck at The Mission Ballroom in front of their massive video screen. Awesome venue!

Bass Solo

Here's a video from our bass player. It is an all bass version of "Off The Wall" by Michael Jackson.

Nice Job!

They made a huge banner for our show Saturday night. Very cool!

Mile High Stadium

Before our show last night at Mile High Stadium.

Happy Halloween

We hope you had a good one. This was taken at our show.

Travis Interviews

Travis was interviewed in The Pueblo Chieftain and for Grapevine Magazine

Lone Tree

Here is a short cell phone quality video from our first show at Brother Bar this weekend.

Happy Anniversary

Martha just had her 1 year anniversary with That Eighties Band. We are very proud to work with such an amazing performer and all-around nice person.

Fort Collins

Here is a live video from our first show ever in Fort Collins.

Paradise City

Here is a short video of us playing "Paradise City" at our show at Hoffbrau this weekend.

Travis LeRoy Interview

Travis was interviewed for Episode 22 of the HaskinCast PodCast. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify or here.

"The Office"

Backstage at our concert with Andy Buckley ("The Office" and a bunch of other shows).

Budweiser Events Center

Before at our concert at Budweiser Events Center.


We're performing at Hoffbrau Nov 16-17. Here is a video from a previous show there. Same song, two different nights. Good times!

Happy Halloween

This was taken at our show on Halloween at a very cool location.

Live In Parker

Here's a short video of our show in Parker this week. Such a nice crowd!

Travis & Amy LeRoy Interview

Travis and Amy from That Eighties Band were interviewed for the latest issue of U'NiQ Magazine. U'NiQ was nice enough to post it online. You can read it here for free!!!

Kickstart My Heart

Watch our newest video! We covered "Kickstart My Heart" by Motley Crue. It's a 9 camera shot with audio recorded straight from our board.

We're on Instagram

That Eighties Band is on Instagram. We would be very happy if you follow us there.

Seperate Ways

Live performance of "Seperate Ways" by Journey with audio recorded straight from our board. Watch it here!